• The problem isn’t your products or services.
    It’s how you talk about them...

    Hey there, I'm Jonas Ellison - brand storyteller, strategist, and copywriter.


    I’m guessing you’ve already done your part. You’ve created something great.


    But the problem isn’t your products or services. It’s how you communicate them that matters.


    The first universal truth that keeps me busy is this:

  • 1. People don’t buy the best products/services.

    They buy the ones that speak to them the clearest.

    We’re all busy. If a brand isn’t clear about where they’re taking us - what kind of an aspirational lifestyle/solution they have in store for us - there are plenty of other brands vying for our attention.


    Clarity is numero uno when it comes to the words around your brand.


    Thousands of companies close their doors every year, not because they don’t have a great product, but because potential customers can’t figure out how that product will make their lives better.


    Businesses have a self-imposed enemy that lurks when they sit down to write out their marketing materials. That enemy is noise. Cluttered marketing. It’s the pitfall of answering a hundred questions no one is even asking.


    (Days of the website being a central clearinghouse of information are gone. We’re all scanning now, not reading.)


    The second universal truth that keeps me busy is this:

  • 2. Your customer must be the hero in the brand story of your business (not you).

    That’s right. Think about it...


    You go through life as the hero of the story that is your life.

    So do I.

    So do your customers.


    In the marketplace, we don’t buy from other heroes. We buy from those who are out to help us become more of a hero and live a better/more ideal life.


    Sooooo many brands have this backward. And that’s why you’ll come out on top (if you hire me to help you put your customer in the hero role).


    If your brand story is clear, your messaging transforms from abstract noise to clear, lucid music. When your readers know where they fit in the hero's journey surrounding your brand, they’re compelled to engage.

  • Web design is great and all, but...

    Graphic art, illustration, design, and photography are great for enhancing your brand story. I highly recommend all of it.


    But when it comes to putting money in your pocket so your business can flourish - studies show that pretty websites don’t sell things. Words do. And if your message isn’t clear, prospective customers won’t listen (let alone buy your stuff).


    Making design and photography the main focus of your marketing efforts is like holding up a bullhorn to a bird. It might be beautiful, but no one will understand it.


    Clarifying your own message is difficult, especially when you’re so immersed in your business - it’s almost impossible to know what a brand new prospect wants to know about it.

  • This is where I come in...

    As a copywriter, strategist, and brand storyteller for the last decade or so, I know how to communicate simply, directly, and heartfully. I’ve helped hundreds of clients clarify their messaging, get understood, resonate with their audiences, and sell more stuff so they can keep doing the beautiful work they do in the world.


    When your message becomes clear and carries impact, people enroll, emails get opened, keynotes succeed, content gets shared, and copy makes money.


    This is the craft of brand storytelling. This work is just as effective for billion-dollar brands as it is for mom-and-pop shops, but I only work with those I personally resonate with (because, hey - I can't work with everyone).

  • "It's hard to find a writer with as much goddamned soul as Jonas."

    Ash Ambirge, Founder of 'The Middle Finger Project'

  • How can we work together?

    • Everything starts with a free 30-minute discovery meeting via online video conferencing (click the big button at the bottom of this page to schedule that).
    • To give you an average timeline, a website with 4-5 pages (or sections on a long scroller) takes 2-3 weeks. 
    • In order to give each project the attention it deserves, I only take on a few projects at a time.
    • I'm currently booking projects about two months out (this is an average - however, there are often random openings that arise).
  • Basic Pricing

    Copy for 4-Page Website


    This is the most common project that people bring me on to do. Here's what you'll get...

    • Brand Script
      Your Brand Script is the foundation of your messaging (download an example 
      here) . It positions your customer as the hero and your brand as the guide to help them get where they want to go. All of your marketing materials are based on this document. Included is a PDF as well as an accompanying video where I walk you through it.
    • Website Copy 
      The average website includes 4 pages (or sections on a one-page scrolling site). If you need more pages (or less), we can chat about it in our discovery session and adjust the project scope. I can wireframe the site with the copy intact so you can hand it to a designer and have them make it look pretty.

    Brand Script (only)


    Maybe all you need is a Brand Script (described above - download an example here). This might be all you need to take off and run with it (or have your team run with it).

    And more...

    Beyond that, the sky's the limit. Let's chat and find out what your project might look like. Here are a couple other common deliverables and my average pricing for them...

    • Automated email campaign (4-5 emails) ........................... $1,200
    • Hourly rate for consulting calls ........................................... $150