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Bill Koch

Web copy and site design for a leadership coach

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I did some blogging coaching for Bill and was blown away by some of the brands (Apple, John Deere, BP, etc.) who hired him as an executive coach. As a young CEO himself, Bill brought a career-full of experience to his work as an executive coach.

This project was my first WEB DESIGN (along with brand story and copywriting, of course) project. I'm not a big web designer, but Bill just wanted something simple with a minimal design, which I did on my platform of choice: Strikingly (both of my sites are built on Strikingly and it's all I know - so it worked out).

Okay, I'll stop talking. Here are some shots...

From Home Page

From Personal Message Page

From Bio Page

From the What I Do Page

From the Clients Page


Web design, brand storytelling, and copywriting: Me:)

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